INSST publishes in Spanish documents (guides, posters, datebases, etc.) about occupational safety and health. Some of theses documents, full text or summaries, have been translated in English and are gathered in this section, from where can be downloaded. 

INSST products, in Spanish, can be downloaded at our online documents catalogue free of charge. However, reproduction or any other use than private of this site contents without prior written authorisation of INSST is prohibited. Consult our policy on this subject for further information, please.



Royal decree 39/1997 of 17th January, by virtue of which the Regulations for Prevention services are approved
Act 31 of 8th November 1995 on prevention of occupational risks - Año 2011
Occupation, economic activity and cancer mortality in Spain Executive summary - Año 2021
Recommendations guide for the design, construction, inspection and calibration of trolley sprayers for the application of plant protection products in greenhouses - Año 2020
Occupational Diseases Case Investigation Procedure - Año 2020
Some guidelines for assessing psychosocial risk factors (extended edition) - Año 2016

Protective clothing for firefigther. Poster técnico - Año 2018



Spanish reports on OSH situation


Surveys on Working Conditions

Survey of national area that realizes from time to time the Institute with the aim to contribute statistical information about the conditions of work and health of the different groups of workers and the organization and preventive activity realized in the companies.The first edition was realized in 1987. From the VI th ENCT, realized in 2007, a cut takes place in the series due to a change in the used methodology. Available in the web from the third edition of 1997.

National Survey on Safety Management and Health enterprises management

VI National Survey on Working Conditions


Technical posters and presentations








These posters were presented at "XIX Congreso Mundial sobre Seguridad y Salud en el Trabajo", that was held in Istambul, Turkey - September, 2011. ILO, AISS and the Turkish Ministry of Labour organised this Congress.




"6th International NIR Workshop of ICNIRP", that was held in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil - October, 2008. Authors: Llorente, T and Diego, B.; CNNT-INSST.